mrnicegvy is a portal of 10,000 traders working as one.

Advanced traders spend hours analyzing high probability trades, mrnicegvy built a portal where retail traders can collaborate with them.

When an advanced trader identifies a trade, mrnicegvy will share the entry and exit prices inside the portal. We take the trade as a team and work together from start to finish.

The quickest way to earn with the lowest risk is to learn from advanced traders. Now you can follow them step by step.

This is a free portal... for now.

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Set your position to take profit at the target automatically.

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Ask “Dumb”


Chat and collaborate as we navigate through each trade as a team.

Follow Real-Time Order Flow

Market Movers (or “whales”) take trading seriously, risking millions of dollars and we want to know what they’re doing. So we built APIs to track their moves.

Killer Whale

Learn How To Trade Futures

When compared to regular trading, derivatives (or “futures”) allow traders to access greater sums of capital. This multiplies your position with borrowed funds, inflating trading results so traders are able to realize larger profits. Popular for growing small accounts quickly - but greater risk and only recommended for advanced traders.

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Access The Only Two Indicators You Need

Find sniper entry and exits using the niceLINES indicator or scan for high volume runners using the niceVOL indicator. Add these indicators to your Trading View chart.


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